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Rehabilitation Dietetics Psychology Training

Movement without pain.

At Body&Mind Clinic we take a comprehensive approach to health care. Not only will you get results after the first visit, we will help you to deal with the cause of the problem so that you can enjoy your health and well-being for as long as possible. 

Rehabilitation Dietetics Psychology Training

Movement without pain.

At Body&Mind Clinic we take a comprehensive approach to health care. Not only will you get results after the first visit, we will help you to deal with the cause of the problem so that you can enjoy your health and well-being for as long as possible.

Do you want to say goodbye to the pain and start spending time actively again?

We have helped hundreds of patients with ailments such as back, neck and joint pains. We also specialize in the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a real plague of our times.

Spinal pains
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Joint aches
Stress and health
Periodic pain
Overweight and obesity

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With Physiotherapy, you can forget about the pain without poisoning yourself with pills. This is a very broad and rapidly developing field of medicine. In Body&Mind Clinic we rely on manual physiotherapy, i.e. treatment with hands of a therapist. A specially trained physiotherapist will examine, diagnose and cure problems with the spine, joints and muscles caused by overloading, sports injury or trauma. Manual therapy increases the flexibility of your body, and individually selected exercises will strengthen it, so that you can enjoy free movement without pain. 

The physiotherapist will help you with any pain associated with muscles, joints and spine. Honestly, it is best to go to the physiotherapist as soon as you start feeling discomfort somewhere in your body. This discomfort will increase and eventually turn into pain. Most often we are visited by people who already feel such strong pain that they cannot bear it. Then the therapy lasts longer, so it is worthwhile to drop in as soon as the problem begins. 

Many people think that you should go to the doctor first. Unfortunately, often the path to get the patient to the physiotherapist leads through the meanders of the NFZ system, rehabilitation doctors, orthopedists, neurologists. After a few weeks or months of wandering, the patient finally gets (and unfortunately, often never is) directed to the physiotherapist.  

This does not have to be the case! It would be better to come straight to the physiotherapist with your pain. You do not need any medical referrals or imaging examinations, e.g. MRI. Image tests are only a small addition to the diagnosis conducted by the physiotherapist.  

 In other words: most patients with pain visiting the above mentioned doctors will (or should) eventually be referred to physiotherapy. So it is better to avoid a few months’ pathway. The physiotherapist will send you back to the right doctor if necessary.

Body and mind are in constant interaction. More and more scientific studies confirm the influence of stress and negative emotions on body posture and muscle tension. The list of psychosomatic diseases is growing. Asthma, ulcers, high blood pressure, back and neck pains, irritable bowel syndrome, problems in the temporomandibular joint and many others are caused by stress, anger, frustration and grief. 

The truth about being what we eat is known. Good nutrition is the basis of wellbeing. Moreover, a bad diet causes physical tension in the internal organs. Our digestive system is mainly made up of muscles (only smooth ones) and, like skeletal muscles, react with tension and shortening under the influence of stress and poor diet. 

A huge amount of anatomical connections between the organs and the spine causes the condition of one to affect the other. A problem of the digestive system may cause back pain. 

Man is a beautiful machine in which all cogs must work together to make us happy and feel good. That is why the therapy at Body&Mind Clinic includes the massage of tense muscles, but also visits to a dietitian, psychologist, meditation and movement classes if necessary. 

Why customers choose Body&Mind Clinic?

They appreciate our comprehensive approach - we bring together specialists from various fields in one place - physiotherapists, massage therapists, dietician, personal trainer and psychologist. They also appreciate the premium quality of services that the Tricity market has not yet known

Eliminate the source of the problem

Did you happen to go to a physiotherapist just to get the problem back soon after? Are you tired of physiotherapists who massage only the place that hurts, giving only short-term relief?  At Body&Mind Clinic we will focus on eliminating the causes of your problem in the long term, not  just alleviating your symptoms. In practice, this  means looking at your problem comprehensively, identifying the realcauses.     

What can I expect?

Once we have identified the true source of your ailments, we will explain the diagnosis to you in a simple, accessible way, without drama. We will then recommend that you go home and practice. If necessary, we will have you visit our trainer or dietician to help you get rid of the root causes of the problem, such as weakened posture muscles, overweight and bad eating habits. Sometimes it also turns out that the problem is psychosomatic. In this case, you can count on the professional help of our psychologist.

Read customer feedback

I have used Mrs. Bogna's help many times in connection with my spinal problems. For years I have had a discopathy in my  lumbar region, which hinders  my normal functioning. Mrs. Bogna very competently,  with great kindness and with  a visible passion, she has been pulling me out of my ailments.

Majka Zell

I got to Bogna with the knee and  cervical pains. Thanks to her massage,  rehabilitation and professional approach  I can function normally in life and relaxing  is a great pleasure. I highly recommend it.

Grażyna Kucharska

I recommend Bogna, thanks to our meetings  with cranio-sacral therapy and full body  massages, the headaches that have  accompanied me for years are over and  now I can be a happy man!

Kasia Bachorska

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the visit last and how much does it cost?

The visit lasts 60 minutes and costs 160 PLN. During the visit a short medical history, examination together with a diagnosis and appropriate therapy is carried out. 

How many visits will you need?

It all depends on the problem. Only during the first visit the physiotherapist is able to estimate the number of appointments needed. Often a satisfactory effect is obtained after the first meeting, and sometimes months of therapy are needed. 

Will the effects last?

In most cases, the effects of the therapy will be permanent if the client follows the therapist’s recommendations regarding lifestyle, exercise, etc. 

Isn't it too late for physiotherapy at my age?

It’s certainly not too late. The body has great regeneration potential and is sensitive to healing effects at any age. 

Does the Body&Mind Clinic carry out treatments with National Heath Care (NFZ)?

No, we do not have a contract with the NFZ or any other insurer.

Do you need a referral from a doctor?

No, you don’t need a referral.